JULY 2009 - If you are seeking information about relatives at Burr Oak Cemetery, or have information useful to investigators, call the Cook County Sheriff at 1-800-942-1950.

The Cook County Sheriff's web site to search Burr Oak data is www.burroak.net

The author of this site has no affiliation whatsoever with Burr Oak Cemetery, its management, or Perpetua Inc.

BURR OAK was Chicago's first African-American cemetery. Its residents include a murder victim - Emmett Till, a young teen whose brutal slaying helped to spark the 20th century civil rights movement, and in whose honor a museum is presently under construction on the cemetery grounds.

Other notables at Burr Oak include musicians Willie Dixon, Dinah Washington, and Otis Spann; and Negro Leagues Baseball players Jimmie Crutchfield and John Donaldson.

As of July 2009 some members of the cemetery staff are under investigation regarding possible reselling of graves and improper handling of remains. The former manager M.G. who kindly gave me a tour of the cemetery in 2003 is no longer managing this cemetery, and has not been connected with this incident. I have temporarily removed her full name to prevent any possible misunderstanding.

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