Concordia Cemetery

We have re-entered the northern half of the cemetery.

The Des Plaines River runs along the western edge of Concordia, then under the Eisenhower expressway, through Forest Home, and the western edge of Jewish Waldheim.

At one point, the river curves from its southerly route and flows eastward for a short distance before curving back to the south. At this location, within Concordia Cemetery, there was once a water tower standing next to this pump house - now disused and locked, its windows bricked over. All that remains of the water tower is some concrete and iron at its base, in the fenced-in section to the right in this picture.

Above the door, on the second floor is a larger door through which equipment could be moved; above it, a beam projects from the wall, a hook hanging from its end. - copyright 1996-2003 Matt Hucke