Sauerbier-Burkhardt Cemetery

the sign reads:

Sauerbier-Burkhardt Cemetery

In 1853 Friedrich Sauerbier and his wife Louisa (nee Burkhardt) came here from Langensalse, Saxony in what is currently Germany and settled on a farm at 135th St. and Harlem Avenue. They brought 3 sons with them, Friedrich, Louis, and William. Friedrich's brother Christopher followed a few years later and settled on a nearby farm. Between the two farms lived George and Suzanna Burkhardt, parents of Louisa Sauerbier. The Burkhardts were both born in Saxony, Suzanna in 1797 and George in 1795.

Other children of Friedrich and Louisa include Charles, Henry, George, Mina, Augusta, August, John, Henrietta, and Mary. Family members possibly buried at this site include George Burkhardt, Suzanna Burkhardt, Friedrich Sauerbier, Louisa Sauerbier, Phillipena (Bina) Sauerbier (wife of George), George Sauerbier, Augusta Sauerbier, August Sauerbier, and John Sauerbier.

Acquired by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County in 1984

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