St. Boniface Cemetery

4901 N. Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60640
Established 1863

St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery is located on Chicago's North side, at Clark Street and Lawrence Avenue, four blocks north of Graceland. It was dedicated in 1863 to serve the German Catholic community.

The cemetery is named for Saint Boniface, who died in 754 A.D. after 36 years as a missionary. Saint Boniface was known as "The Apostle of Germany".

Saint Boniface cenotaph Herting
Rev. Ferdinand Kahlise Rosch
Lauretta M. Guernstein Civil War Monument
Row of Sarcophagi Briscoe
Fischer Granite Sarcophagi
Barbier Braun
Statue of Jesus Anton & Louise Hesing
Welch Link Mausoleum
Paus Schmidtke
Schmitz Michels' Steps
Angelic Trumpeter Woman with wreath
Kohler Rev. Venn


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