Waldheim Jewish Cemeteries

"Where's the Beef?"

Clara Peller, Actress

In 1984, this 82-year-old retired Chicago manicurist was selected to star in a popular series of Wendy's Hamburgers commercials; she would shout "Where's the Beef" when presented with the tiny and shriveled burgers of Wendy's competitors. The catch phrase was an instant sensation, appearing everywhere - on merchandise and in a speech by presidential candidate Walter Mondale.

Mrs. Peller was eventually fired for appearing in a commercial for spaghetti sauce and claiming she had found the beef.

Location: enter OBA Cemetery #54 on Des Plaines. Follow the path east to row 46 (look for the row numbers on the backs of monuments). Once you have reached row 46 look for a tall monument with a white urn on top (see photo); Clara is southwest of it.

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