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Mound Grove Cemetery


Mound Grove Gardens of Memory is Kankakee's premier historic cemetery. It is located on the north side of the city of Kankakee, adjacent to St. Rose Catholic Cemetery.

The cmetery began in 1858, only four years after the founding of the city of Kankakee itself, operated by the Associates Land Company. Local business leaders soon wished to take the cemetery out of private hands, and it was purchased by a newly formed non-profit consortium in February 1879. Later that same year, the Mound Grove Cemetery Association of Kankakee City received its corporate charter. William G. Swannell, one of the incorporators, was elected the cemetery's first president in 1882.1

Special thanks to cemetery manager Dan Hays for showing me the points of interest in Mound Grove.

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1. : Kankakee's First Public Service Corporation. (1951) - Copyright 1996-2010 Matt Hucke