Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum

Established 1923
6001 W. 111th St.
Worth, IL 60482

Holy Sepulchre is a Catholic Cemetery of the Archdiocese of Chicago. The name Holy Sepulchre refers to the tomb of Christ near Jerusalem, hewn from the rock by Joseph of Arimathea.1

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and Mausoleum contains the graves of people of many ethnic backgrounds, including Irish and Italian. Two Mayors of Chicago are buried here: Frank Corr and Richard J. Daley.


Holy Sepulchre is in Worth Township, southwest of Chicago. It extends south from the main entrance on 111th street, to 115th street. Its western boundary is Nagle avenue, with Central Avenue on the east.

Immediately across Central is Chapel Hill Gardens South Cemetery, a modern cemetery consisting mainly of flat monuments. South of Chapel Hill Gardens is Restvale Cemetery, current residence of several blues musicians including "Muddy Waters". Hazel Green Cemetery is a very small late 19th-century graveyard adjacent to Restvale.


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